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Here they are again: 504-A!

One more time, one more semester, they are my students. Class 504-Ais unique. Now we have Marina, Uander and Angélica to make the group even more special. But they have an identity. I can surely say they are one of my best groups ever and I love them. I hope they continue to show the world how fantastic they are.


And you want to know who they are??Letícia, Sabrina, Luisa, Vitória, Luana and Marina are the dancing queens of my 5A class. And they do dance. They dance for life and for themselves. They are young, happy and free. Isn´t that wonderful??? God bless them all.


This is Letícia Starling. What does she love? BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS..... Last year she read 227 books, or 69,130 pages. Can you believe it???  And she registers everything on a file, in which she evaluates and gives stars to each book she has read. Isn´t that fantastic? I suggested she start a blog, or whatever to motivate other young readers and help them select what to read first. I used to be a lot like her when I was her age. And because she reads a lot, her writing is superb! So to you Letícia, I can only wish the very best! And may all the characters you know, and stories you have read, take you to infinite palces... Love you  a lot....

"I have lived a thousand lives behind the pages of my books."
Letícia Starling

454-A-a special group

We teachers have many students every semester and we meet new people almost everyday, but some can be so special!!! Like this group! They are bright, lively, interesting and yet, each student has a different personality. They respect the differences, and make the learning experience a moment of joy. So I wish them all the very best of luck. Pati kisses to them all.

Patrícia-by Raian

This is a picture of me by a former student -Raian.
Isn´t he talented? And in addition, he wrote words in Japanese and very nice comments about me. I simply loved it!!! Thank you Raian for the beautiful present. 

What a trio!!!!

Do you see these three beauties??? They are Fernandinha, Bruna, in the middle, and Marina, at the back. Aren´t they lovely? They are now doing Teens 7. They are happy, talkative and they seem to be good friends. I have to keep them away from one another because of all the laughter and good fun they have. But isn´t it wonderful to enjoy life and friends? I hope they never change and that they keep good memories of this semester.

The very same Bruno!

Can you believe Bruno has changed this much? And in a very short period of time? Now he is tall and he has built lots of muscles due to the various sports he play. Once a tennis player, Bruno plays squash now. He has a wonderful and supportive family and a beautiful girlfriend. He is now in 4B and he is my student once more. I wish him a wonderful semester!

Pedro Zinn!

This is Pedro Cantuária, best known as Pedro Zinn. Pedro is a really nice and sweet person. I usually tell the others that Pedro is not only cute externally, but mostly internally. And the guy is really popular with the girls. I wonder why!!!! Kkkk
So having Pedro in my class is awesome!

Julia Vargas, my Dear from Teens 7

Her name is alreay important. I have known Julia since she was a Junior student at Thomas. She was always around with her beautiful smile and contagious happiness. Now at Teens 7 she is finally my student. She is serious and happy at the same time. The girl has a style, which is only hers. She wears beautiful dresses for classes and have you realised how beautiful her glasses are??? Only Juju could have them. She knows how much I love her. That´s my Juju.

HELLO 2016!!!!!!!

Hi guys!!!!!! Don´t you feel the world is spinning faster? When you realise, the first semester is gone and the Olympic Games will begin. Are you going to Rio??? In Brazil this time!! Hurray!!!!!! 

I don´t think I will be able to go, but my heart will be in Rio and my eyes will be on my TV.
Send your photos. Let me share your stories with other students.Love you all!!!!