Happy 2019!!!!!!!

This year this blog is celebrating its10th ANNIVERSARY.....I can´t believe it.... 
It all began back in 2009. That was just the other day... Which means, my students have gotten older and so have I...But their faces remain in this blog as well as my love for each one of them. Let´s celebrate!!!!!

Halloween 2018

These are some of the students in my Teens-77 group. I simply love them and we had great fun during Halloween. In blue there is Rafael and his scary face. Right next to him that is Julinha and her beautiful smile. Then there is Helena and her devil horns. She knows how much I admire her. Last, but not least we have Giulia and her beautiful skeleton make up. That was very professional. On their knees we have Davi. Can he scare you? Probably not. Next to him there is my beautiful bunny Luisa and our famous Pikachu Mariana. I hope they know they make all the difference in this world. How lucky I am to have met them!

Two Students that I Love

Do you recognize these two??? Fernandinha and Gustavo when they 
were very young at a Festa Junina at Marista.
They haven´t changed that much, actually. And it is a big coincidence that they have been in the same English class for years. Fernanda is very close to me, and so is all her family and Gustavo is a student that I love and admire. Now they are almost ending their trajectories at CTJ-they are in 5A- and I wish them all the success in the world. I will always be there for them.

Long time away!!!!

Dear All, 

It´s been such a long time I have not posted anything!!!! I was having access trouble. But now I am back!!!!!!I want to show who you guys are and I want to write about you. So, welcome 2018!!!!Hope to see all you students around.

Here they are again: 504-A!

One more time, one more semester, they are my students. Class 504-Ais unique. Now we have Marina, Uander and Angélica to make the group even more special. But they have an identity. I can surely say they are one of my best groups ever and I love them. I hope they continue to show the world how fantastic they are.


And you want to know who they are??Letícia, Sabrina, Luisa, Vitória, Luana and Marina are the dancing queens of my 5A class. And they do dance. They dance for life and for themselves. They are young, happy and free. Isn´t that wonderful??? God bless them all.


This is Letícia Starling. What does she love? BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS..... Last year she read 227 books, or 69,130 pages. Can you believe it???  And she registers everything on a file, in which she evaluates and gives stars to each book she has read. Isn´t that fantastic? I suggested she start a blog, or whatever to motivate other young readers and help them select what to read first. I used to be a lot like her when I was her age. And because she reads a lot, her writing is superb! So to you Letícia, I can only wish the very best! And may all the characters you know, and stories you have read, take you to infinite palces... Love you  a lot....

"I have lived a thousand lives behind the pages of my books."
Letícia Starling