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A special student!

This is Gabriel Luiz. Gabriel is doing Juvenile 7. He is a nice and happy student. Is that motorcycle his?

One more of my students!

Hello students and friends. This is Daniel from Juvenile 5. He has many friends in class and is very poular with the girls.....

A special student!!!

This is Fellipe. He is in 2A and he is Paula´s best friend. Stylish, isn´t he?

Special Students!

This is Renan from Juvenile 5. Renan is very talkative. That´s his cousin. Beautiful, isn´t she?

Look at his dog. That´s "Bolinha". Nice, aren´t they?

More very special students!!!

This is Lucas from Juvenile 7. He is outgoing and he has many friends. Cute isn´t he?

Other special students!!!!

This is Isadora again. She is in Juvenile 7. She is in Leleco´s class. Isn´t she beautiful?

Pamela, or PamPam is only 11, but she is in Juvenile 7. She has already lived abroad and she is a princess, don´t you think so???

This is Giulia. Beautiful, isn´t she??????

Giulia is also in 2A. She is Flavinha´s friend too. She is shy, but very nice.

Marcos is Juvenile 5 and girls are crazy for him!!!!Isn´t he gorgeous??

Bia is in Juvenile 7 and guess what??? She is also Flavinha´s friend. Cute isn´t she?

More Dear Students!!!!

This is Paula. She is in 2A and she is in Willian´s class. She has a style, doesn´t she?

This is Willian. He is in 2A too. Girls, isn´t he charming?????

This Isadora and Flavinha. Dorinha studies in Flávia´s class at Sigma and at CTJ, she is in class 72, Juvenile 7.

My Dear Students!!!

This is Guilherme Timponi from Juvenile 5. He is in Mariana’s class.

This is Mariana from Juvenile 5. Isn’t she beautiful ?

This is Leo, or better, Leleco. He is one of Flavinha´s best friends. Leleco is in Juvenile 7.

This is Yasmim. She is in Juvenile 7. She is my “Pocahontas".

My students

Hi guys!!!! Please send me your photos. I want to post them in this blog. I want everyone to know who you are. Love, Pati

My Students!!!

My Dear Students