Mostrando postagens de Agosto, 2010

3 Beauties!!!!!!

Sarah, Bárbara and Amanda. 3 Beauties!!!!Besides the good
looks, the three of them are extremelly intelligent and very popular in their class. So if you want to meet them, hurry up.
They are Teens 7 now.....

New students in my life!!!!

This is my dear Bobby, or Roberto as many know him. Bobby looks much younger in this photo. Can you believe he is already doing Teens 7 ????
I hope Bobby is enjoying our classes.

Another Semester!

Another Semester,

More challenges ahead, new people, new worries too. I hope to count on all of my students, friends and family to live each and every minute of this semester well!!!!!
I am still waiting for the photos of the new comers and see you all around!
Love and wish you the very best,