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One more 2011 student!

This is Gabriel.. His also a Teens 7 student. He is so sophisticated that he takes his electronic notebook to class to write down notes and recommendations. Though he looks serious on this photo, he is not. Actually, he is high-spirited and really smart.

The first 2011 student to send me a photo!

Hi guys! This is Vinícius...Isn´t he cute??? His smile is something ...Can you believe he is already doing Teens 7?? Also, his mom has a boutiquewhich I simply love: Santa!!!! I am her client... I hope we have a great time together!!!!

Welcome 2011 students!!!!!

How happy I am to be here with you once again.

Another year, a new semester, new dreams, hopes and expectations.
My vacation period was awesome! I went to a beach somewhere between Recife and Maceió, in Maragogi. I stayed in a place called pousada "Barra Velha". When God thought of giving us humans a feeling of heaven, he thought of creating Barra Velha. I hope to return there next year.
Anyway, now let´s concentrate on the hard work........
I will be posting some of my new student´s photos... Great guys!!! Lots of "gatinhos and "gatinhas"
Hope you enjoy the new photos....