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Happy Holidays!!!!!

Dear Students,

I hope this year has brought you many accomplishments and lots of happiness!!!! So now its time to relax and enjoy...If things didn´t go too well in 2014, have high hopes and think that a whole new year is about to begin..And this is life!
Merry Christmas to you all and I hope to see you around in 2015!!!!

Three Beauties!

Mariana, Isabela Liotto and Sofia have been friends for a long time. They are now ending the 4A course with great success, Aren´t they pretty? They are very popular at CTJ. I love them dearly and I hope only the very best for their future.

Hatsune Mikos

Here Anne and Martina from my 4A group are Hatsune Miko, the Japanese pop star who only exists virtually. Dont they look gorgeous? It´s Halloween at Casa Thomas Jefferson. I love the long blue hair..
Happy Halloween to you all!!!!!!!!!


This is my beautiful 4A student Anne and her cosplay costume to celebrate Halloween. Doesn´t she look superb? I cannot remember the name of the Japanese character, but various other students seemed to know it.

The ice-cream man...

Iaran makes the best ice-cream you can think of.. So last week, we had an ice-cream party in class to celebrate Teacher´s Day. It was a huge success. Though I had thought it was too much, at first, students, actually, ate it all.  He brought us 5 different flavors and two toppings. In the future, Iaram wants to open his own ice-cream store.Well, I can say he has already got his first list of clients....

4A -My super class

This group of students is very special. They are really united and I admire them for all the initiaves they have. They were Inez Woortman´s in the previous semester and they are still close to her. Finally, all I can say is that it ´s a pleasure to be  in class and I wish them all joy and success for the rest of their course!

Isabela, Lívia and Taís!!!!

What can I say about these girls? That I love them dearly and that they mean a lot to me. Isabela and Thais are my students for the second time, and honestly, I could have them forever!!!!!!! Lívia was my student for two times too.They are THE BEST of friends and they are bright and funny. In sum, they are SPECIAL!.

A new semester -2/2014

Hi guys! 
This semester is passing so fast that I can´t believe it is almost over! The World Cup is gone and so are elections. Now we have to get ready for the good vacation period, the parties and the end of the year. Looking back, what have you accomplished in 2014? And what are your plans for the future?
Write to me and send me your picks.
Love you always!!!!

Beatriz, my Bia!!!

Bia is adored by her friends and by me, of course..
She is in Teens 7, and I her smile is unique!!!It is really good to have Bia as a student. I hope she enjoys the semester and that all her dreams come true!!!

Marcelinha, my old friend!!!

Marcela is in Teens 7 and do you know what?? I have known Marcela since she was a Junior student..
She is bright and beautiful and I love her hair!!!She is popular and every one in our class loves her!!!!So it is really good to have Marcelinha in one of my groups!

Bruno, the young brother!!!

Bruno is Vinícius´s brother and a sweetheart. For semesters I would meet him and promise to be his teacher and the time has come now!!!!Though he is young, he is serious and focused!!He loves playing tennis and he´s taking the sport seriously.. So, who knows, he may be the future Brazilian champion...

Marina and Lara, forever!!!

Marina and Lara are not my students this semester, but they are in my heart and every class they pay me a visit...Lara is in Teens 7 and Marina is doing 4B. They are charming and intelligent and it is so good to have them close!!!They know they may always count on me..

Welcome 2014!!!!!

WELCOMEBACKall my dear students!!!!!

Hope you are as excited as I am to enjoy this wonderful year ahead!! Remember, life is too precious to be wasted, so lets do our best and live each moment as if it were the last!!
Of course, I need you to be on this journey with me, so send me your pics and lets meet one another!