Mostrando postagens de 2015

A champion -Rafael Lacerda

Rafael, my 5A fighter is a promise in terms of MMA and UFC. Now he is still very young, but I hope that soon his name will be on the news. He has just ended 5A and he is about to begin his last semester at CTJ. I will surely miss him.

Advanced 505-A ; A VERY DIFFERENT GROUP!!!!!

This selfie was taken in our classroom, and it shows some of the students in our huge group: Rafael Charlie, Mariana H, Julinha,Mayara, Freddie, Eduardo (boyfriend_ that is a long story!), Gustavo,Gabi, myself andSara.
They sometimes drive me crazy, especially when they only want to play games!!!! But do you know what? I love them.

My new Teens 7

Well, these guys are fantastic! Carlinha, Fabi, Ricardo, Andrezza and Gabriel on the back are all enthusiaitic about doing Teens 7. They are great students, though they sometimes speak a little too much. Dont they look gorgeous? I hope the energy they demonstrate now stays high, and that we have a great time together all along!

Bia and Júlia!!!

These are Bia and Júlia. They were my students in Teens 7, in the first semester of 2015. Now they have just begun a new stage and new challenges. I hope they are successful one more time. Well, I keep them deep inside my heart! Pati kisses to both of them!!!!!

My young SIGMA friends!

Here I am with my 3 best Sigma friends! Martinha, Maria Vitória and Sophia are vey enthusiastic about learning English. They visit me whenever they have classes. And I simply love them! Aren´t they beautiful??? I hope their English gets better and better every day.

My 5B-552 group!

Though they are a bit lazy at 8 o´clock in the morning and are not into studying that much, these guys are fantastic people. Some of them have been with me since 5A, so I am really close to them. Don´t they look superb! They are all at University; some at UnB and a few at UniCeub! I want to wish them a lot of luck for the future and many accomplishments in their lives!

My Avatar!

This is medrawn by a Teens 6 student ,Francisco! Isn´t it great? And she is holding her glasses. I wish my avatar were colored. Francisco, thanks for the beautiful work of art!

Two very good friends!

Here we have two of my dear 5A students, Fernando and Ana Gabriela. Aren´t they a nice couple? They have never sat apart. Superboy and supergirl even match their clothing. Anyway, it´s really nice to be their teacher. They rock!

Piera, Orlando and Spiderman

What a beautiful shot of Piera, her father Orlando and Spiderman. Piera is so dear to me, and I was really happy to know she´s Orlando´s baby.Orlando is one of the best students I have had and a computer whiz! Guess where they are: Disney, of course!

Amazing girls!

This first semester of 2015 has brought me pleasant surprises! To begin with, Rachel and Clara are my students in Teens 6. Can you believe they were in Maragogi, Pousada Barra Velha, more exactly, when I was also there in January? So we spent part of our vacations together. Also, it´s with great joy that I am teaching now Piera. She´s simply a starrrrr ! The sky is not the limit to this girl´s potential!
The rest of the class is also brilliant! So I guess I have the best Teens 6 ever!.


And here we are again. Another year, another semester and a full range of possibilities ahead! I hope you all had wonderful holidays and that 2015 brings you only happiness and meets all your expectations!

Send me your photos and write to me! I will be really glad to have you in this blog! Let´s meet one another! See you around!