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Isabella and her horse!

This beautiful and sweet girl is Isabella Artiaga. This is a pictute of her and her horse. She is crazy about horse riding and if you want to make Isa happy, talk to her about horses or about her favorite pop group One Direction. She knows all the songs they sing! By the way, Isa is in Teens 7 this semester.

Marina, the IT GIRL!

These photos of Marina are just fantastic! But most of all, I love the message included! Marina is doing well in my Teens 7 class in the mornings.
Isn´t she beautiful???

The Peres Family!

What a beautiful family this is!!!!!Bianca, in the middle, was my student in 2 B, and Carol, in a beautiful black dress, is my student this semester. She is doing Teens 7. I have known these girls for quite a while now. They are very sweet and friendly. I hope Carol is successful this semester, and that we have a great semester!

Marina and Davi

These two are fantastic students. Marina and Davi are doing Teens 7 on Tuesday and Thursday  mornings. They are good  friends and they both have unique styles......Marina is very charming and she has lots of fans....I love them very much and hope we have a wonderful semester!

The Paredes Sisters

Aren´t these sisters perfect? Clarinha and now Renata are not simply beautiful; they are special....I am really lucky to have taught Clarinha and  Renata is a present...I wish them both the best of luck!!!!

Renan-What a change!!!

Guys, this is Renan, who a few years ago was my student, and whose picture I first posted in this blog when he was much younger. Time has passed, and look at him NOWWWW. A change for better, we all have to agree. Now he is in my 4B group and he is doing fine!! By the way, that´s his girlfriend!!!!

Party Every Day!!!!

Good memories of my 5B -end of semester party in November 2012. That´s Cecília (the girl with long hair), Isa and the nicest boyfriend ever!!! Cecília nicely offered her grandma´s house and Pepeu and band gave the show!!!!!We had food, drinks and fun! Unforgetable...If you weren´t there, you missed!!!