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Augusto- a sweetheart!

This is Augusto, a Teens 3 student. He is intelligent, cute and extremely polite. In addition, he has the sweetest smile ever.....He studies on Mondays and Wednesdays in the morning. I am glad to be his teacher...

Another beautiful student!

Hi guys! My Teens 7 class (76) is crowded with beautiful girls. This is Ana Gabriela or simply Bibi to her friends. She is cute, gentle and very bright. How lucky I am to have her in my group.

Lucas Cavalcanti!

This is Lucas. He is Larissa and Isabela´s good friend. He is also doing Teens 7 and what impresses me about him is that he is calm and cool; nothing seems to disturb him. Also, he is a "gatinho" isn´´t he?????

Good and Beautiful Friends!

These are Larissa and Isabela. They are in Teens 7 and they are more than two good friends; they are almost sisters. In addition, they are always in a good mood, with beautiful smiles on their faces and always suggesting a new activity. To wrap it up, they are very intelligent.....

Aninha, a very special friend!!!!!!

She is my little princess!!!Aninha has never been my student, but she has been my friend for years now. She is sweet, delicate, polite and she has the cutest smile on Earth. What else can I say???I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!

WELCOME 2012!!!!!

A whole new year ahead. And I don´t believe it´s the end for the human race. Then we have to work hard, keep on with our dreams and hopes and live and let live......I am anxious to share with you the photos and stories of my new students. This first semester is promising! So welcome new students and let´s enjoy life....