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Who is your teacher?

Hi Students,
This activity is supposed to be your first homework assignment.

Find and answer the questions below:
a) What´s your teacher´s favorite color?
b) What´s her daughter´s name and how old is she?
c) What does your teacher like to eat?
d) Where was your teacher born?
e) Which team does your teacher root for?
f) Where did your teacher live when she was young?
g) What is your teacher´s favorite city?

Now on a separate piece of paper, write a small paragraph to tell your teacher who you are. Don´t forget to include a title. You are supposed to hand in your assignment next class.
See you then and hope we have a special semester!
Flávia is the love of my life......She has taught me to see the world with young eyes, an open heart and faith for better days to come!!!!

My favorites:

food: pizza
drink: ZeroCoke
sport: volleyball
Cartoon character: Charming Penelope
actress: Jennifer Aniston
actor: Johnny Depp
city: Paris
color: white

I little more of Patrícia!!


My daughter, Flávia

Flávia, a 14-year-old princess!

More about me!!!!!

I am carioca, Fluminense and Salgueirense!!!! I lived when very young in the US and there, I learnt to read and write. When I returned to Rio, I had to learn Portuguese and I confess I had serious trouble at school. When I was about to turn 13, I went to England to live in a city callled Southhampton. It was a very hard time for me beacuse I was a teenager, living in a foreign country, and having to get adaptated to new customs, and of course, the gray British weather!!!!
When I returned to Brasil, I only lived a few months in Rio before coming to Brasilia, where I have lived since then. Now I can also say that I am ""candanga"".

Some suggestions of nice American series (updated):

1-Grey´s Anatomy (my favorite!!!!)
2-Game of Thrones!
4-Prison Break
6-The Blacklist
7-Desperate Housewives