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The best of CTJ!

Think of 3 people who have conversation for more than 2 hours non stop. Now guess who the poor teacher is. Gabriel, Luana and Clara Paredes belong to the dream class. But they talkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I simply love them!!!

The Dream Class

"How lucky I am to have known someone or something to whom saying goodbye is so dam awful!"

This is how I feel about this 5B group....We have had some fantastic moments together and they surely made my life much better this semester....

He is so Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Bernardo. He is always smiling and having fun. But guys, he speaks tooooo much !!!!!!Anyway, Bernardo has many fans at CTJ. As for me, it is super to be his teacher...

This is the Guy!!!!!

This is Gustavo Kaiser. He is talkative, smart and very good at spelling words. He could be a good candidate for the Spelling Bee Competition. If you want to meet Gustavo, come and visit us in the mornings, class 72.

A very intelligent guy!

Hi Guys! More new faces. This is Gustavo form my Teens 7 class. He is a gorgeous boy and he has this beautiful pair of green eyes. In addition, he is an example of a good student. I wish him the very best.....

A very nice student!

This is Glycon! He is an excellent student and a great friend! He is now doing Teens 7 and I really hope he is very successful this semester. Isnt´he cute?

Mafra-The guy!!!!

This is Gabriel Mafra, one of my most popular ex -students. Mafra has many fans and that is why he is always smiling. But he could speak a little less too. He is toooo communicative. Now he is doing 3A. Cute, isn´t he?

A cute and bright student!

Hi Guys! This is Julia Coury. She is in my Teens 72 class as well. She is bright, friendly and beautiful. Julia studies at Colégio Militar and everybody likes her.
How lucky I am to have Julia in my class!!!!!!!!!!

A good Friend

Hi Guys!

This is Guilherme. He is communicative, funny and a good friend. He is part of the "fabulous three". And of course, I have to separate these guys in class. They talk a lot, but in English, of course.

I love Guilherme already........but he only has eyes for his former teacher-Carol.

The Twins!

Hi Guys!
As usual, many beautiful new students this semester. These sisters are Thais and Thalita. It´s really difficult to tell one from the other. They are sweet and generous with their friends and they are now at Teens 7. So if you want to meet these beauties, come and visit us in the mornings.

New Students-A New Semester

The second semester of 2011 has just begun and I am already in love with some new faces. This is Lucca. Can you believe Lucca is only 11, but is already at Teens 7? He is very intelligent, and most important of all, a good friend to the others in class.

Lucas has suggested a good site for those who are curious and want to learn new scientific stuff:

Isn´t he gorgeous???

The ones that I love...

This class (76) will always be in my heart...I wish them the very best....

Teens 6- Dear students......

This is my teens 6 class. They are great. I hope to see them aroundfor many years to come. They can be contacted on Tuesdays and Thusdays in the afternoon..For them-MY LOVE

A group that I cherish!

Hi everyone!
This is my Teens 76 group. They are very special and they have a real sense of what a group is, maybe because they are only 7. Anyway, each one has a special place in my heart and I honestly hope they all have a very successful, semester....
They are from left to right: João, Gabriel, Júlia, Marcela. Vinícius, Juliana and Augusto are standing on the back.

A pretty and nice student!

Hi guys!

This is Mariana. She is in my Teens 7 class now. Can you belive her brother was also my student when he was in Teens 7? My dear Augustinho. Well, Mariana looks really like a model on this photo.
Mari is sweet and friendly and I love to have her in my class. So, Pati kisses to you baby.

One more 2011 student!

This is Gabriel.. His also a Teens 7 student. He is so sophisticated that he takes his electronic notebook to class to write down notes and recommendations. Though he looks serious on this photo, he is not. Actually, he is high-spirited and really smart.

The first 2011 student to send me a photo!

Hi guys! This is Vinícius...Isn´t he cute??? His smile is something ...Can you believe he is already doing Teens 7?? Also, his mom has a boutiquewhich I simply love: Santa!!!! I am her client... I hope we have a great time together!!!!

Welcome 2011 students!!!!!

How happy I am to be here with you once again.

Another year, a new semester, new dreams, hopes and expectations.
My vacation period was awesome! I went to a beach somewhere between Recife and Maceió, in Maragogi. I stayed in a place called pousada "Barra Velha". When God thought of giving us humans a feeling of heaven, he thought of creating Barra Velha. I hope to return there next year.
Anyway, now let´s concentrate on the hard work........
I will be posting some of my new student´s photos... Great guys!!! Lots of "gatinhos and "gatinhas"
Hope you enjoy the new photos....