Mostrando postagens de Setembro, 2012

A beautiful girl!!!!

This is Fabhia!!! She is in my 5B class, so she is ending her studies...Or maybe its is just the beginning... Fabhia is a young and fragile girl externally, but she is stong and intelligent inside,,,,She is a student with many friends and we all love her....

Cecília and ABRACE

Cecília was a volunteer during the last ABRACE- Mac Dia Feliz! She was dressed as a Minnie and entertained the kids at the party. Of course I had to go there and support her beautiful initiative. Ciça, once again I can say that I am very proud of you for eveything you are!!!!!

What a trio!!!

Maria Clara, Isabela and Vinícius are inseparable! They are fantastic students and very good friends.
They are now in my Teens 7 (76) class, and the most amazing is that they are always in very high spirits. I wish them only the very best...

Bia and Harry Potter!

This is Bia, and do you recognize the castle? It´s Hogwarts!
Bia is in one of my Teens 7 class and in the picture, she was enjoying her trip to Disney and Universal Studios. Lucky her!
Anyway, she deserves all the best. Bia is sweet, intelligent and friendly!

Manu and Evandro

This is Manu, and her beautiful horse: Evandro. Isn´t it a gorgeous picture? Manu looks so elegant and so does Evandro. I am proud of having Manuela as my student!